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Pseudotropheus Sp"zebra Long Pelvic" Chesese

Discussion in 'Cichlids - African' started by adambrum, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. adambrum

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    Jan 6, 2006
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    Common name/s: Zebra long pelvic

    Scientific name: Pseudotropheus sp"zebra long pelvic" chesese

    Family: Cichlidae

    Origin: Chesese,Lake Malawi, Africa

    Maximum size: 4"

    Care: This is one of the mbuna species of lake Malawi, aggression wise they are a on the lesser side compared to most mbuna i have found mine to have his territory in the corner of a tank no matter if i move the rock around he still has the same area. I would have to say that only one male per tank and at least 3 females.The females will all swim together.The tank should be of at least 3ft as its one of the smaller mbuna with the ph of between 7.5-8.3.
    Feeding: This species is omnivorous. Spirulina flake should make up the majority of the diet, but a high quality cichlid pellet or flake is also recommended. Fresh vegetables and live or frozen invertebrates may be supplemented.

    Sexing and breeding: Sexing of these is quite easy once they get to about 2" and the top fin of the males starts to turn yellow were as the females just have a orange stripe at the top of there fin. I have had great success in breeding these with a holding time of about 21 days. The first batch was 25 and the second batch of 32.

    Adult male 3" wild caught

    Female 2" wild caught

    2 month old fry f1


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