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Welcome: Introduce Yourself & Learn More About TFF

Registration is quick and easy! After you have logged in post here and Introduce yourself then read up on how the forum is organized.

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Hi, All! - last post by LyraGuppi

Board Announcements & Suggestions

If anyone is having problems with the fish forums or, have suggestions to make the forum better. Post here and the Admin/Moderators will sort it out.

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This May Be A Silly Question - last post by thrujenseyes


  1. Tank Of The Month,
  2. Fish Of The Month,
  3. Pet Of The Month,
  4. Previous Winners

Various TFF Competitions

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June 2015 - Fish Of The Mon... - last post by BettaBettas

Member's Aquarium and Fish Pictures

  1. Fish and Aquarium Videos

Upload your fish tank pictures in here for all to admire at!

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My 2 Year Old Bushynose Pleco - last post by SantaMonica

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New to the Hobby Questions and Answers

If you've recently taken up fish keeping as a hobby, this is the section to get your questions answered.

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Help Reading This Ph And Lo... - last post by thrujenseyes

Cycle your Tank

Cycling a tank is vital to keeping your fish alive. This section is where you can read about cycling (the nitrogen cycle) and ask questions about how to do it properly.

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Cycling Advice - last post by SantaMonica

Algae Removal

For algae identification and removal

  • 787 topics
  • 5499 replies
Do Shrimps Eat Algae? - last post by SantaMonica

Fish Species Index

  1. Catfish,
  2. Characins,
  3. Cichlids - African,
  4. Cichlids - Central and South American,
  5. Cyprinids,
  6. Labyrinth,
  7. Livebearers,
  8. Oddballs,
  9. Goldfish and Koi,
  10. Saltwater - Corals and Anemones,
  11. Saltwater Fish

User submitted tropical fish and saltwater fish index

  • 409 topics
  • 611 replies
Help With A Fish Id - last post by Mudpit

Plants Index

  • 29 topics
  • 7 replies
My Bacopa Caroliniana Won... - last post by cooledwhip

Invertebrate Index

  1. Freshwater Invertebrates, Amphibians & Aquatic Reptiles,
  2. Saltwater Invertebrates

An index of invertebrate species for fresh water and marine.

  • 43 topics
  • 56 replies
Can I Breed My Electric Blu... - last post by TySabol

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Member YouTube Channels

Do you have a YouTube channel that's related to the aquarium hobby? Share your videos here and brag a bit.

  • 4 topics
  • 33 replies
Super Red Bristlenose Pleco... - last post by RCA

Planted Aquarium Journals

To keep other members posted on the development of your Planted aquarium

  • 977 topics
  • 40190 replies
><)))*> New Pro... - last post by RCA

Freshwater Journals

Make a thread to tell us about your freshwater aquarium!

  • 263 topics
  • 10182 replies
Dd's Tanks And Fish - last post by DoubleDutch

Marine & Reef Journals

Make a thread to tell us about your marine or reef tank!

  • 380 topics
  • 30886 replies
Rebuilding A 20Gal After A... - last post by Donya

Field Reports

This is a new section where people can post about their experiences viewing fish, snails, crabs, corals, or other things that might live in our tanks but seeing them in the wild or in a large public aquarium.

  • 4 topics
  • 20 replies
Look At All These Plants I... - last post by betta fish

Toggle Freshwater & Brackish Aquaria Forums Freshwater & Brackish Aquaria Forums

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Tropical Discussion

General aquarium discussion for tropical fish, with general questions and advice.

  • 82330 topics
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Whats The Worst Advice You... - last post by Gruntle

Tropical Fish Emergencies

If there is an Emergency, post it in this forum and get all the help we can give.

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  • 192707 replies
Emergency! Sick Pleco! - last post by cowgirluntamed


  1. Betta Splendens,
  2. Non-Splendens Betta Species

For the beautiful world of Bettas.

  • 29584 topics
  • 278386 replies
Betta Breeding Problem - last post by Bluesand1313


  1. Journals and Photographs

Any chat about fish that give birth to live free swimming fish.

  • 17015 topics
  • 110778 replies
What Type Of  Livebearers D... - last post by thrujenseyes

New World Cichlids

  1. Journals and Photographs

Here's the place if you want to discuss Central American Cichlids or South American Cichlids!

  • 14777 topics
  • 114475 replies
Biggest Comunity Cichlid - last post by Robbo85

African / Old World Cichlids

  1. Journals and Photographs

Talk about any cichlids from Lake Malawi, Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika as well as, Ravine, Madagascan and Asian cichlids

  • 9327 topics
  • 60504 replies
Id For Cichlid - last post by Demeter32

Gouramis and Anabantoids

Talk about Gouramis and all Anabantoids - except bettas.

  • 4071 topics
  • 21807 replies
Gourami Tankmates - last post by NickAu


  1. Corydoras,
  2. Plecos Otos and other Loricariids,
  3. Other Catfish

Corydoras catfish, plecos and all other cats.

  • 15103 topics
  • 108373 replies
Purpose Of Adipose Fin In C... - last post by DoubleDutch


An Insight Into the World of Killifish

  • 637 topics
  • 3500 replies
Forty Shades Of Green - last post by BettaBettas

Oddball's institute

For all the weird and wacky species of the fish world.

  • 5712 topics
  • 43566 replies
smallest freshwater stingray - last post by gmc1

Cyprinids, Characins and Atherinids

All loach, barb, tetra, silver dollar and rainbow fish questions should go in here!

  • 7730 topics
  • 43636 replies
Dwarf Neon Rainbow - last post by cooledwhip

Hybrid Fish

This forum is for the discussion of hybrids and their care. Flaming and bashing of hybrids or their keepers will not be tolerated.

  • 894 topics
  • 8732 replies
Yellow Parrott Fish - last post by TracyMcCord-Sager

Predatory Fish

  1. Journals and Photographs

This forum is for the discussion of all species of truly predatory fish which naturally feed on other adult fish.

  • 786 topics
  • 7852 replies
Hikari Massivore Alternatives - last post by fluttermoth

Fresh & Planted Nano Tanks

Everything happens fast in a nano tank stay ahead of it with this forum! Nano tanks are gaining in popularity and have a unique set of issues and problems to discuss like what plants and fish do well in them, substrate and flow requirements.

  • 61 topics
  • 902 replies
My New Shrimp Cube. - last post by thrujenseyes

Shrimps & Other Invertebrates

Talk about shrimps, snails, copepods, worms and clams.

  • 6601 topics
  • 36975 replies
What's Up With My Ghost... - last post by Aquarian58

Amphibians & Aquatic Reptiles

Frogs and salamanders in here! As well as terrapins and turtles.

  • 606 topics
  • 3651 replies
Forgot How Jumpy Those Litt... - last post by Laurie1963

Brackish Forum

For talk about all fish which prefer a slightly salty environment. Puffers, gobies, glass fish etc.

  • 2275 topics
  • 13095 replies
Mudskippers - last post by iliveinazoo

Coldwater Fish and Ponds

  1. Pond and Tank Pictures

Coldwater fish of all types welcome, plus advice for creating water features in the garden.

  • 3587 topics
  • 22679 replies
Odd Bumps On Goldfish - last post by fluttermoth

Toggle Plants & Planted Tanks Plants & Planted Tanks

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Planted Chit Chat

For general planted tank questions and section announcements.

  • 19631 topics
  • 120464 replies
Lighting - last post by Byron

Algae in Planted Tanks

Discussion on algae in planted tanks and the unique connection to C02.

  • 43 topics
  • 381 replies
Extreme Algae Growth For Mo... - last post by juhason


Once you get to growing the plants, learn how to arrange them here.

  • 302 topics
  • 2312 replies
I Can't Perfect My Aqua... - last post by snowflake311

Plant Identification & Biology

Post questions on Plant identification and their species specific care here.

  • 922 topics
  • 4929 replies
New Plants Id - last post by Byron

Lighting, CO2, Ferts & Flow

Making your garden grow...

  • 2074 topics
  • 12336 replies
Diy Lighting - last post by Toney

Archived PARC threads

The Planted Aquarium Resource Centre... THE place for archived threads that have been incorporated into PARC and new article submissions.

  • 12 topics
  • 821 replies
Constructing A Moss Wall:... - last post by tivu100

Tís Plastic Plant Emporium

How to keep "Complex hydrocarbons in the no light aquarium" Algae-free.

  • 5 topics
  • 48 replies
Scaping With Plastics - last post by KrazyKuhli

Toggle Saltwater - Reef & Marine Tanks Saltwater - Reef & Marine Tanks

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Marine and Reef Chit Chat

Post general non-urgent saltwater tropical fish questions, recieve help as well as hearing fish 'tails' and aquarium chat

  • 10708 topics
  • 90775 replies
Purple Firefish - last post by SantaMonica

Saltwater Invertebrates & Corals

Talk about tropical marine inverts and corals in this forum!

  • 2505 topics
  • 16244 replies
Sea Urchins And Power Cables - last post by betta fish

Saltwater Fish

Discuss the best tropical marine fish for your tank!

  • 2587 topics
  • 18836 replies
Malyasian Trumpet Snails - last post by BrackishVoss

Saltwater Hardware

Talk about how to get the max out of your saltwater aquarium setup and find exactly what is required to have a successful tropical marine aquarium!

  • 2351 topics
  • 14060 replies
Protein Skimmer Has Crack (... - last post by Chad

Nano Reefs

Though the definition of a nano tank is still changing it is generally thought of as a tank smaller than 37 liters (10 gallons US). These tanks are growing in popularity due to advances in the hobby but still come with unique challenges that need to be discussed.

  • 1918 topics
  • 23490 replies
My Nano Reef! 8G - last post by Toney

Toggle Reviews Reviews

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Rules & Requests for Reviews - READ THIS FIRST!

Here you will find the rules for writing a review and the format you must use in order for it to be published.

  • 1 topics
  • 0 replies
Rules & Format To Use F... - last post by Chad

Store Reviews

  1. Local Fish Stores,
  2. Chain Fish Stores,
  3. Online Retailers

Review places where you purchase hobby equipment.

  • 19 topics
  • 1 replies
Kitchen-Chemistry & 3Ch... - last post by Ch4rlie

Equipment Reviews

  1. Filters,
  2. Pumps and Powerheads,
  3. Heaters and UV units,
  4. Protein Skimmers,
  5. Miscellaneous Equipment

Review hobby equipment.

  • 17 topics
  • 7 replies
Danner Aqua Supreme Ap-4 Ai... - last post by Fishmanic

Lighting Reviews

  1. Flourescent Lighting Reviews,
  2. Metal Halide Lighting Reivew,
  3. LED Lighting Reviews

Review aquarium lighting here.

  • 1 topics
  • 0 replies
Dymax Zon Led Light - last post by TallTree01

Book Reviews

Aquarium related books only please! Fish, inverts, plants, marine FW, etc.

  • 0 topics
  • 0 replies
  • No posts to view


  1. Flake and Pellet,
  2. Frozen Foods,
  3. Freeze Dried Foods,
  4. Liquid Foods,
  5. Shrimp Food

Review various types of food for fish, inverts, corals etc.

  • 4 topics
  • 2 replies
Weight To Volume Ratios On... - last post by noobgamers


  1. Standard Aquariums,
  2. All-in-One Systems,
  3. Designer Systems,
  4. Nano Systems

Review aquariums, all in one systems, etc.

  • 4 topics
  • 1 replies
Will This Stand Work To Hol... - last post by Ch4rlie

Toggle The Think Tank The Think Tank

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Hobby Related Legislation

This forum is a place to post and discuss pending legislation or legislative efforts that might have an impact on the hobby.

  • 9 topics
  • 112 replies
Cabomba Banned By The Eu - last post by Akasha72

Scientific Section

For discussion of advanced fish keeping issues, and theories.

  • 387 topics
  • 3838 replies
After Hearing More And More... - last post by HarpyFishLover

Do-It-Yourself Projects & Hardware

The actual aquarium - lights and filters problems and advice. Tips for saving money, and designing what you want using your DIY skills.

  • 12532 topics
  • 68655 replies
Is There A Way To Hook Two... - last post by julielynn47

Toggle Other pets Other pets

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Household pets

Dogs, cats, mice and anything else. Sorry no wives or husbands allowed!

  • 5406 topics
  • 53958 replies
Rogue Pet Gallery - last post by thrujenseyes

Horses, Farm, & Work Animals

Talk about your horses, goats, sheep, pigs, llama and more. The things you don't keep in the house!

  • 4 topics
  • 28 replies
Bock Bock Bagock! - last post by ag-au

Non-Aquatic Reptiles

Discuss your lizards, snakes and tortoises here.

  • 64 topics
  • 585 replies
Finally Got My Baes! - last post by sawickib

Birds (Budgies to Ducks)

Talk about your birds, budgies, doves, quail, pigeons, ducks, parrots, and birds of prey if you have them!

  • 20 topics
  • 217 replies
My Bird Videos - last post by gmc1

Exotic Pets

Spiders, insects, millipedes, centipedes, cockroaches, scorpions, and Sasquatch.

  • 40 topics
  • 408 replies
Giant African Land Snail - last post by nic1

Toggle General General

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Local Aquarium Societies And Clubs

  1. UK,
  2. US

  • 205 topics
  • 1163 replies
Slag Fish Show - last post by helterskelter

Classified Section

  1. Rules & Sales Form; Read This First!,
  2. Freshwater & Planted Sales,
  3. Marine & Reef Sales

Any fish related items for sale, swap or wanted, post here.

  • 13062 topics
  • 67131 replies
Glass Cat Fish Rehoming Man... - last post by nic1

General Chat

General non-fish related chit chat.

  • 1936 topics
  • 38070 replies
Oh No... Say It Is'nt S... - last post by Lateral Line

Non-Fish Photographs

For cool photographs which are not related to fish.

  • 2494 topics
  • 30485 replies
My Photography - last post by CthulhuReborn

Non-Fish Hobbies

  1. Arts & Crafts, and photography,
  2. Books, Music, Films & TV Shows,
  3. Computer Zone,
  4. Cooking and Recipes Forum,
  5. The Plants and Gardening Forum,
  6. Sports,
  7. Natural World,
  8. Paranormal Phenomena

Subforums within for some hobbies other than fishkeeping.

  • 2903 topics
  • 32924 replies
Handmade Dog Collars - last post by Brilly91

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