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Aqueon 50W Submersible Heater

Discussion in 'Heaters and UV units' started by EllieJellyEllie, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. EllieJellyEllie

    Aug 29, 2013
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    This heater does what it needs to do. It keeps my tank at exactly the dial temperture, and I love it. When I first got the tank, I would check the temperature all the time after hearing stories of heaters frying tank, and I feel this one won't. I have learned that if I make sire the dial is turned to 79°F, it will be in the 78°-80°F range.
     I have had this heater since August, but the person who had the tank before me had it for over a year and said all equipment was oroginal that he bought when he set up the tank.
    I put the tank water in, put the heater in, plugged it in, set it to 79°F, and within twenty-four hours it was around that tempeture. It was very easy to use.
    ~Works well
    ~Easy to use
    ~Light tells you when on
    ~Dial with large numbers makes it easy to see
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