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Yellow Lab Fight!

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Apr 7, 2023
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Gainesville, Florida, USA
My labs got into what i assume was a fight, or maybe a ruthless attack, but i have this lab thats really messed up, pic attached
Give the aggresive fish to a fish shop or give it away to a family member/friend. Put the injured fish into a quarantine tank and put fish Aloe Vera into the tank to heal.
That's not typical for that species, one of the mildest mbuna.

I would not use aloe vera, but a little salt. It burns the fish, which sounds cruel, but that stimulates the production of slime, and slime is the first line immune defence. It's helps with quick healing, which fish from aggressive groups are very good at. He'll need to be away from his competitors.

I see aloe as just an organic pollutant that doesn't really attach to the fish to do much good.

That's short term. How is the tank set up and what is in there? It's no use healing him just to have him get beaten up again, and your set up may be at fault.

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