Would A Plec Fit

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Nov 4, 2006
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Burton on trent, Near Derby UK
125l Fluval duo 8000
Substrate Flora Base
2 Male Guppy
4 Felmale Guppys
2 Bronze Corys aeneus
2 Albino Corys aeneus
3 Three Line Corys
1 Male Platty
2 Female Plattys
4 Neon Tetras
1 Apple snail(Golden)
this is my tank and stocking and i was wondering if a plec would work and fit etc also what type
You could have a plec.

Bristle nose plec
Bulldog plec (also called Rubbernose)
Clown Plec
Pretty Pekoltia
There are tons more also.

Queen arabesque, King tiger


Butterfly/Floudner (L168)

Not to mention perhaps a green phantom if a bristlenose is gonna fit. Psssst. and maybe add 2 neons to the shoal while you're out getting the plec. then the tankwill be near complete.

But as most of us know.... The tank is never done :rolleyes:
Try this link on L260's, it gives a good guide to what they need. As for being hardy I'd say hardyish, your fish in your profile aren't aggresive so that's good. I would say make sure you have a cave or 2 for them and I'd go for a pair or even 3 of them. They're a bit shy first of all but in my experience they start coming out after a while.

i have a queen arabesc he/she is about 2.5" long and cost me £3!!! from Maidenhead aquatics!!! BARGIN! and ive only had him for about 3 weeks and hes not very active not to put you off but they hide abit best to wake up at midnight and see it on the glass!! there really cool though!!
Got some!! 1st is the back of his body second of his head!


now his head


hope you like hes having a nap now!

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