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Why Hobbiest find Discus fish Demanding!

From the Discus fish I'm caring for over the past 5 months they have established a pecking order in the aquarium. In a community tank with Discus, feeding fish with floating pellets or sinking pellets has a growth inhibiting or exhibiting culture. The Discus i got shows resptiveness for food based on activity happening in the tank (other fish feeding frenzy on pellet foods). The dominant alphas usually do not feed on the Discus food at this time and the less dominant ones seems to be opportunist at this time. Funny thing even "Discus got pride" and they tag along with the less dominant feeding frenzy. I guess the reason it's hard for discus to change their food once grown big is due to the dominant starins calling the shot.
This would certainly indicate why discus fed beef-heart grow larger and faster but i'd like to know the actual impact on longevity and overall health.
They grow fast since most barebottom tanks Discus burn less energy.

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