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May 3, 2020
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Fish all survived. Dots gone.

Oscars grew in this time lol as they do.

Is it recommended to keep water temp at 30 deg Celsius? While in the 2 week period after spots gone.

And the salt? Do we keep that up maybe in smaller doses? They all seem fine to be in it. But I just want to prevent it happening again.

The white spot treatment for the water? Should we maintain this so it doesn't happen again?

Live food disappeared in 15 mins. Haha hungry guys.

Thanks everyone for the tips.
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Nov 28, 2006
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The temperature should be kept at 30 deg C for two weeks after the spots disappear from the fish. This is because on the fish is just the first stage of the parasite's life cycle. After it falls off the fish, it sits in the tank and multiplies within a sort of cyst. Then the 'cyst' opens and free swimming parasites go looking for a fish to infect. You need to keep the temperature raised to make sure every last one is killed before lowering it again.
Salt can also be used alongside heat; maintain the level of salt in the water for two weeks after the last spot disappears. If you do a water change, add salt to the new water only at the same dose rate as the amount you added originally.

With this method you don't use a medication. Heat and salt is safer for the fish than a medication.

After 2 weeks, turn the heater back down to the usual setting, and regular water changes will gradually remove the salt. You mention removing carbon from the filter - put some new carbon back in for a couple of days to remove the medication you have added (not old carbon as that will probably be at least partly exhausted), then throw the medication-filled carbon in the bin. If you want to run carbon in the filter, put more in, but as you don't actually need carbon full time, you can replace it with sponge or another medium.

Don't keep salt in the tank permanently. You have freshwater fish and long term use of salt is not good for them.
Whitespot treatments are not good for fish either. This needs to be removed completely. Carbon and water changes will get it out of the water.