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White line pim


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Feb 8, 2003
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Common name/s: White line pimelodus

Scientific name: Pimelodus albofasciatus

Family: Pimelodidae

Origin: Amazon basin

Max size: 6" in captivity to 10" in nature

Care: The fishes restless nature means that it should be housed in a tank of at least 36" in length, the optimum sized tank would be a 55g. It can be kept in a wide range of water parameters though extremes of hardness and pH should be avoided, good basic aquarium husbandry will keep the fish in good condition, can be kept in temperatures from 22 to 26 centigrade (70-76f). The fish is territorial towards its own species and similar fish and can be aggressive when kept in smaller tanks, as with all pimeloid species it is a predator and tankmates should be at least 4" to avoid being eaten.

Feeding: Unfussy of foods the fish will gorge itself on most frozen and prepared foods offered, the fish should be fed enough to make its belly swell like it has swallowed a marble twice a week.

Breeding and sexing: Has not yet been bred in captivity and sexual differences are unknown.

Comments: A nice change from the more commonly seen pimeloids at a size that can easily be housed by the average fish keeper.


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