Where Has He Gone?

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Nov 26, 2006
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Argyll, Scotland
hmmm.. i keep coming up with problems!
I have/had 8 platys, well last night i had 8, today i have 7.
He is NOWHERE to be seen. There is no carcass, nothing floating. I have checked under the lid to see if perhaps he jumped and got stuck.

Is it possible he died and the others ate him, all of him, without leaving a trace?

I'm so confused, i'm only into my second week of tropical fish keeping and i feel like i've entered a strange and paranormal world!!!
I had that happen to one of my Guppy's I checked the filter and there he was unfortunatly he was dead :-(. but yes the other fish will eat it but i think carcass will be there somewhere not always easy to see though

oh dear... i will check the filter.
would having a root around the tank for him upset the rest of the fish or should i just leave it? won't a rotting carcass polute the tank?
If there are snails in your tank, they can finish the body very quikly, and left the bone. The bone could be sucked by filter. That's why you cannot even see a body in it. :)
thanks guys. i found him. unfortunately he'd got stuck in an artifitial tree trunk. no sign of being eaten or disease so i can only assume that he'd gotten himself into a space that was too small and drowned#? can fish drown?

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