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Jul 9, 2004
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OK, in my 55 gal I have molly's and platys. When my preggo molly's get to where there fixin to drop, bam, there dead...They give no signs of destress, no illness, no nothing. I have 3 to die, with full term fry in them, fry was dead also. Thanks for ur input.
well im stumped :huh:

did u put any substanses in the water that wasnt ment to be there
did u decloernate the water when u changed it?
everything is the same, yes I do all that is needed...no other fish is acting ill..and the ones that died didn't either til they were ready to drop. weird huh...I just had the 3rd one to die, and her fry is dead too...but there full term fry as were the others.
This can point to a major fish killer, the one i am talking about is STRESS... yes that evil thing, see fish can drop dead from stress and not show any sign of it, and the number of things that can stress a fish is so big you will find it hard to find out what went wrong, Now i can offer a few suggestions, but to get a better understanding, we need to know your tank levels, what fish are in the tank, what hardware you are using, lighting? any plants, real of plastic, filtration

Basically from general, if it is a fishes first batch, well you can understand, because thought fish are different from humans they can act just like us... and you know women hate their first baby... because it is so painful, that can stress out the mother...

Or there could be a fish harassing her and she could take anymore..

Fish can abort birthing at the last possible moment and it is the worse thing that can happen to a fish keeper...

This is a mind puzzeler, but with more information on your tank and E.Q we might be able to pinpoint out some sort of problem that could have caused this...

I had a male guppy that was swimming around perfectly one day and i go out and buy two females for him to find him dead, no visable illness, perfectly healthy apart from the fact of being dead, so i basically know how it feels to lose fish this way

ok ph levels r 7.2, ammonia is at 0, I use a tetra filter system. lighting is what come standard in the hood. I have 3 water sprite plants and a sword plant (live)
no other fish was chasing her, I don't allow that (lol) about the first batch, 1 out of 3 was their first. I have 2 more molly's that will be dropping in less than a week. I am watching them very closely, one is my very fav fish, I hope nothing happens to her. Also if the fish dies, how long before the fry dies in her. I could tell that the fry that she had in her were full term, but dead now. I would at least like to save the fry.
Do you have anysort of Breeding EQ that does not have those slits in the bottom of the breeder, there are some that dont and that way you can treat that water seperate from the rest of the tank...

It will be difficult, because you cant really pinpoint the problem, though i must tell you this, most fish activity happens at night, i left my swordtail with my red tail black shark one night, they were perfectly fine, then next morning woke up with the shoke to find half of corals stomach was missing because she had been attacked, nothing i could have done about it, but heck she wont give up on living, Coral has been looking down in the dumps, but keep on fighting, i just wished my guppies had the same spirit

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