What Type Of Wood Do Bristlenose Catfish Need?

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Aug 2, 2013
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I got a Bristlenose catfish and I found out it needs wood to digest easily and for proper development.So is there a certain type of wood it needs or can I just give it any wood as long as I clean it first? 
You want bogwood, from your fish shop.
Wash it in some hot water and pop it in your tank :)
Yes you definitely want wood designed for being submerged or it'll just rot.
I got some treated grape wood from my lfs. The bristlenose plecos LOVE it. They are always on it and I have lots of other wood in there too.
Save money and grab some nice pieces of Malaysian driftwood. You won't be disappointed.
Just don't get mopani; it's too hard for them :)
I got bogwood from my local Petco yesterday or as Petco likes to call it "Aquatic Wood" and now i've seen my Bristlenose catfish sucking on it.
It's because BN's need a substance called "Lignin" in their diet, Aquarium Bogwood is a really good source for Lignin

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