What species is my fish? And it has not eaten anything for a month!


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Jan 12, 2020
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Hong Kong
I had kept this small fish with a no. of bigger koi fish in a big tank for 10 years and it ate pellets. Just a month ago I discovered it got some wounds and cloudy eyes and since then it has not been eating. Also, the small fish was used to be bullied by the bigger koi fishes (their big mouths always hit it), so a week ago I bought a smaller tank for this small fish.

The tank is treated with nitrifying bacteria and chlorine neutraliser, and equipped with a filter and a powerful air pump. The condition should be better than the old big tank (the larger amount of feed and koi's poop easily make the big tank dirty).

Prior to the new smaller tank, the small fish was already quarantined (hospitalized) in a small plastic box with a heater for weeks to heal its diseases and protect it from koi but it did not eat anything there already. Note that the after some days of hospitalization, the wounds disappeared and the cloudy eyes turned much clearer.

I guess it is not related to the suitability of the feed because the fish used to eat pellets with the koi fishes back then. And probably also not related to the new environment of the tank since in the big tank with koi fish it already showed not eating. I just concern what other things else I can do to make it eat again. It has been a month and I wonder how it survives till now.

Reasons I speculate include: shyness? Loneliness? Fed up with the pellets? Any internal disease that stops it from eating? Or it cannot see anything using its already-clearer eyes or sense anything with its nose?

I give it fish vitamin/ nutrition liquid everyday to try to keep it healthy. The liquid is supposed to enhance its immune system and appetite. Yes, its skin color has turned more vivid, but it is still not eating a thing. Any alternative for the feed? Is there anything that can be dissolved in water and will be drunk by the fish as an alternative for feed? Or my vitamin/ nutrition liquid is the answer already?

On the other hand, the fish had been kept in freshwater for 10 years. It is very shy and always stays at the bottom. Anyone can tell what fish is it?
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Jul 27, 2019
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That looks like a snakehead of some description. Google Channa species and you might be able to identify it.