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Jul 14, 2008
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ok...i jus found out that 2 of my silver dollars have a brownish area on their heads and when i shine a torch, it turns gold, so i would presume it is velvet...but th thing is, they are not flicking, not rubbing and are eating well...the only difference is that they are less active, and when i say less active, its not like they jus hang at the bottom of the tank, they are jusss..less active but still swimming around, u get my point???

so anyway, i took out 1 of the silver dollar, put it in a 1.2 gall tank with 1 live plant, heater and sponge filter, added in some salt ( for aquariums), added in new dechlorinated water( from the tap, not from the tank) and stress coat which helps fish in times of stress. I also added in an anti-slim and velvet treatment from interpet and put the one of the silver dollar in.

On the medicine bottle, it says 10 ml of medicine to 50 litres of water...so 1.2gall would be around 4-5litres right? so that means about 1 ml of medicine? well to be safe, i only added half an ml...i plan to do this for 3-4 days and see how my silver dollar is doing...if after that it recovers, then i do the same for my whole tank...

am i doing it correctly? if not pls tell me what i should do..

ammonia: 0 ppm
nitrite: oppm
nitrate: about 10 ppm
tank size: 40 gall
tank mates: 5 corys, 1 clown loach, 1 plec, 5 platys and 2 silver dollars
Ps: i know a 1.2 gall tank is too small as a hospital/quarrentined tank but at the moment, it is the best i could offer as i do not have any money left and my parents won't sponsor me...i need to wait till next week to get my allowance, i spent my allowence this week already...


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Aug 25, 2007
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Queensland, Australia
Add a bit more, it need about 1.5 mL (if you're talking us gallons) Otherwise sounds fine.

If you are able to heat and filter a 1.2, you can get a 5 gal plastic container and use that instead. the fish will be more comfortable.


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