What light intensity should I choose?


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Jan 8, 2021
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Buffalo, NY
Hi everyone, been a long time since I was on here (prior to the layout change) and it seems my old account is no longer saved but this is the same user name I had last time.

Anyway, I just bought a new Nicrew ClassicLED Plus light. This is my first time using LED and I'm not sure what intensity to set it at. It previously had a fluorescent bulb that comes with the typical kind of starter kit. The tank is 10g and low tech. Currently the plants are Anubias, Dwarf Sag, Crypt Wendtii, a couple moss balls and will soon have S. Repens. I have Seachem root tabs in around the dwarf sag and crypt and also dose with Seachems flourish after each water change.

The plants are still adjusting to the new tank since it's only been set up for a little over a week but I'm seeing new growth on almost everything. The pamphlet that came with the light says there's 6 intensities to choose from. 1, 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100%. Given that I'm not using and Co2 or anything I think 100 would be overkill but maybe needed for the S. Repens? I don't want to have tons of algae though from too much light. Would it be best to start at 60% and go from there? Any insight is appreciated since this is my first time using an LED. My previous tanks all had fluorescent lights. Thanks!

PS- is the moonlight setting worth using? I have a timer set to 10 hours but would the moonlight setting be more beneficial to the plants or any fish vs just turning off?


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