What is wrong with my Ember Tetra?

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Mar 14, 2022
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Ember tetras seemed like a good choice for my established eight year old 38 gal aquarium. Back in the autumn of 2022 I lost fish due to a power outage (have a generator now) and there was now room for a small school of nano fish to go with my 2 surviving cories, 4 glass cats and one Siamese algae eater. I acquired 18 ember tetras.

It was always hard to count them all at any one given time, so I would snap a picture in order to better count them. Over the past year there has been no other problems in that tank (since the power outage) and parameters never got out of whack. The tank is lightly fed, over filtered, lots of plants and scuds trying to live in the substrate which the fish keep under very good control. A couple of snails live in the tank. A few months ago I realized that now I only had 14 ember tetras in the aquarium.

I noticed one of the ember tetras was kind of keeping to itself and hanging around up behind the water return from the filter. This fish also swims in little spurts in a 45 degree upward pointing fashion. I’ve taken a little video: Oddly Swimming Ember Tetra
to show you what I’m talking about. All of the other fish in the tank seem fine. This oddly swimming fish has been eating and will turn to follow the school, but obviously something is off.

Is this something I will just watch the fish live with, or is there something I can do for this fish? What kind of illness presents itself with this sort of symptom? Could it be diet related? Perhaps from me feeding flake too often? Have any of you had a fish that swam like this and the issue was resolved?

Swim bladder has gone. there's no treatment so euthanise the fish because it will burn itself out trying to stay buoyant in the water.
nope, sometimes the swim bladder has problems and when it goes, thats it

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