What is this stuff growing on my live rock ?

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Not sure what im looking at. (the white bunch of polyps?) that looks like a small leather coral to me. Is it a solitary item or are these white things each an individual colony?

If not then i would guess that its some form of worm. A lot of different types of worms live within liverock and are usually beneficial to the tank.
I guess I should have made it more clear to what I was pointing out. It the cluster of white tube looking structures on the rock. They pop up from time to time on diffrent rocks. In the past I have just scraped it off and not worried about it. Now I would like to know what they R. There seems to be about 20 tubes that have a white center. I dont think there any type of polyp or coral at all. Of cource could be wrong. Looks to me some type of tube worm that grows from the rock in clusters. They good for the tank or bad ? What R they called and where can I find some more information on them.

What does that have to do with anything that I'm asking ?
Could be a cluster of peanut worms. I amnot sure if they live in groups like this but the extention does look similar. They usually keep their bodies within the rock and extend themselves out to feed.
Harmless if they are peanut worms. good addition to the tank
Nope not those. Looked at all the pictures on the net about penut worms. Anybody out there ever come accross these little creatures. Worm like creatures that is. About at the very first posting is a link to a picture. Here is another link.


fuzzy, photos.... Cant really tell, but if they spring up in the tank from place to place, could they be some kind of eggs? What eles do you have in the tank?

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