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Dec 30, 2006
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i have an 18x18x18" tank hold around 18g, which has at the mo.
3 platties
2 kribs
1 ancistrus (bristlenose), (only small, when bigger being moved to a 2-3 foot tank in my bedroom which is gonna be full of dwarf gouramis).
2 honey dwarf gouramis.

I would like some colourful and interesting fish which would inhabit the highler levels of the tank,
as its looking a bit bare, not really a fan of tetras or danios.
slightly hard water and ph pretty neutral.
in an 18 gallon tank your pretty much maxed with what you have... Although if your using more filtration, say 30 gallon filter for the 18 gallon tank, and have an air pump you might be able to sneak in a few more dwarf gouramis... Good luck :D
my filter is a pretty powerful juwel one with the airpump included, as tall as the tank.
so filtration is pretty good.
my tank looks very bare, though.
water quality is fine at the mo and had tank running for about 8-9 months, green sponge helps.
only had three deaths and they were three out of six plattys when i first stocked my tank, died in the first two days.
anyone suggest any fish that prefer height, and don't grow too big.
thanks for the help fishkrazy1
you could try a school of zebra danios, they always look nice :D other than that some cory cats are always good :p

Also... most tanks do look bare but keep in mind that even dwarf gouramis get to be around 4"... a school of 6-8 zebras would as some activity to your tank, but you might notice some fin nipping as they tend to have that bad habit... along with some tiger barbs :lol: not mine though :D school of 5 tigers in my 29 gallon with 3 angles and no harm is done :D

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