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Oct 26, 2006
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Fishers, Indiana

I got 4 of these guys at the LFS labeled as "green cories" just wondering if anyone knows what exactly they are!? bronze Cories? Emerald Green? Thoughts appreciated!
Hi Breeze7050 :)

Who knows why lfs give corys the names they do? :dunno: It seems like one of life's great mysteries! :S

While an adult C. aeneus might look green or even gray, it is iridescent and has many colors to it. They way it looks will vary with the light. I have a batch of young F1 bronze corys that show a lot of brown/bronze on them, but they will probably loose this coloration when they get a little older.

What I'm trying to say here is that calling a fish by its color isn't a good idea at all. :no:
Ive noticed that with mine! They do show different colors. My little one (must be the runt) is a very dark green. Of course he didn't want to pose last night! While the others are def. much lighter. Argh, the confusion!
Would you agree that they are the C. Aeneus?
I don't think so. I have "green cories" and aeneus cories and their are definite differences. C. eques and C. venezualanis look more like them, especially the latter. They do have more of a green sheen instead of a dark patch. I also have emerald catfish (Bronchis splendens) which are large and have a larger and squarer dorsal fin. Confusing stuff!
Thanks everyone. It appears as if alot of us agree to disagree! Will try and get some better pics so we can nail down this species!! I just did a water change so the are SPAZZING out right now. But will try for new pics tomorrow!
*EDIT* I got them at PetLand
Now I am confused! I have 3 of those. I have spent almost a year trying to figure out what kind it is. I had finally gotten someone to tell me they were bronze. Now someone says they are not? :crazy:
That is a form of C. aeneus. Its definately not a Brochis Splendens....

This is a Brochis Splendons:


There is also a Bronze C. aeneus in that picture and you can clearly see the difference.

EDIT: Brochis Splendens is usually labeled "Emerald Green Catfish" in stores.

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