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Well, It's About Time To Start Cooking....

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Feb 12, 2016
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I'm 12 years old and have decided it's time to start cooking. I can't think of many recipes or even little snacks that would be good for lunches and dinners. Any ideas of things I can cook by myself that won't take longer than 30 min?
My favourite meal that I can cook is what I call Potato Rissoles, very unhealthy but I love it. Boil some potaoes, mash them, let them cool (optional). Chop up corn beef or spam, add to the potatoes and mix it in, Form potaoes into patties (about the size of a hamburger but twice as thick and fry till both sides are browned. (you have to turn them over for this to happen) Absolutely smother them with Heinz salad cream.  !!! this is not regarded by some as cordon bleu cooking.!!!
I always found cassaroles good, put in all the vegetables you like carrot, potato, onion (optional), corn off the cob, celery, pumpkin, capsicum, add some beef or chicken stock depending on what meat you decide to add.
Cut all the vegetables into cubes and leave aside.
Cut the meat into cubes (if it isn't all ready) and brown in hot butter in a fry pan on hotplate. While meat is browning the oven can be preheating
Once meat is browned put in a lightly greased casserole dish add vegetables and mix together, this is when you also add the  cup of stock.
Cover the dish and bake on 180 degrees cel ( 350F) for around an hour and 1/2.
Then its just a case of serve up usually with some nice bread to help mop up any of the nice juices.
Stews are similar but tend to not have runny sauces but thick sauce that tends to hold everything together.
I might have to try some of your Potato Rissoles... they sound good. Minus the spam... ;)
Baccus, you are absolutely right! I never thought of a casserole before. It sounds easy.
So I found this recipe for lunches:

ENGLISH MUFFIN PIZZA! Take 1 English muffin, some pizza sauce (my own recipe), pepperoni, cheese, and whatever else you want on a pizza, and put the sauce, the pepperoni, cheese, and the whatever else on the English muffin. Heat oven to 450 F, and cook for 10 minutes. Yummy!

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