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Fish Crazy
Feb 20, 2006
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my roommate brought home some baby mollies from the petshop and a day later one of them has this weird white cloudy stuff hanging out where the fish would normally poop. we figured it was fungus since the fish had a little bit of cotton mouth also and we put in some parasite treatment by Jungle which is supposed to clear most parasites and fungus. two days later and the fish still has that weird thing hanging out. just wondering if anyone else had this problem because i've seen it before with a baby guppy who died shortly after i tried to treat him with just a fungus treatment.
Get a magifying glass to see if you can see any worms in the cloudy stuff.
Can you get a pic as can't quite image what you mean over the net.
well, the thing is i have him in a betta vase right now and a picture would not turn out good. the thing fell off today but his butt still looks weird
It could be internal parasites so keep a close look out for worming prutruding from the anus of the fish.
well there is long stringy poop coming out of the fish (and i mean loooooooooong) so that is the parasite then? it's very clear and weird looking. i'm treating with coppersafe right now but i'm not sure if it does internal parasites. turns out all the mollies have this (4 of them) and one died this morning from it....

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