Water Changing Contraption


Jun 24, 2020
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I used a python for years, but found it to be slow and a waste of water. So I made my own water changing system, probably similar to others out there in DIY water changing systems, but want to share so maybe someone might pick up some ideas along this line. I find this way better than using a python water changing system. But I still use the brass adapter at the faucet. I ordered a second adapter just in case something happens to the first one.

I got this internal pump through amazon. It is a bit of a pain to use on sand, but on pea gravel no problem. It can suck up the sand and possibly ruin the pump so I set it inside a small plastic bowel in my tank with sand. I sometimes think about ordering an external water transfer pump, just have not tried that yet. I use a non-kink water hose, I tried a cheap water hose that kinked easily and got rid of it for the non-kink water hose, much easier and better.

Then I made these two out of pvc pipe, on for the faucet end and the other for refilling the tank. I like the valves on the one on faucet so I can cut off the ones I need to to get the water temp right before sending it to the tank. This is absolutely necessary this time of the year because my tap water is very cold and needs to be mixed with hot water. But I over engineered the thing finding I didn't really need a valve on both sides, just the one valve for the water hose and the other for the down into the sink would have sufficed. Instead of a four way all I really needed was a tee. But it helps balance it out....lol... :clap:

Water Changing Contraption water faucet end.jpg

Here is the tank side refill made of pvc. I like the tee so that the water does not flow down onto the substrate like sand and blow it around. The tee helps that sending the water to the sides instead of straight down.

Water Changing Contraption water tank side.JPGWater Changing Contraption water tank side closeup.JPG