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🐠 TOTM VOTE NOW - July 2024 Tank of the Month Contest (17 to 30 US Gallon)

Vote Now - July 2024 Tank of the Month

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17 to 30 Gallon
Please Vote Now
We have 6 awesome tanks entered in Fishforums' July 2024 Tank of the Month contest featuring tanks sized at 17 to 30 US gallons. View all the tanks and descriptions below and then go to poll at the top of this thread, click on your choice for TOTM, and then click the "Cast" button.

Please DO NOT post any comments about any specific entry in this thread...such posts will promptly be deleted. You are not allowed to update your entry picture or video once voting has started.

Please Note:
Any attempt to influence competition results, other than by casting your allocated vote, is not permitted and may result in your entry being removed and / or further action being taken. You are not allowed to have friends or family join TFF for the main purpose of voting for you. This is a public poll so source of votes can be viewed.

Winner will be awarded a neat "Tank of the Month Winner" banner in their profile area and will be featured in a "TOTM Winner" thread for all to see and to comment on. Winner will also be added to our TOTM WALL OF FAME

You are allowed to change your vote if you wish.
This poll will end on July14th at 4:52 PM (ET)
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This is the first aquirums I started (20 gallons)

  • Age: 2 years 1 months
  • Substrate: Small pebbles mixed with black gravel
  • Plants:
    • Submerged: Java Fern, Vallisneria, Amazon Sword, Frogbit, Duckweed, Moss, Couple others not sure what they are called
    • Emersed: Goldon Pothos, Lucky Bamboo, not sure what the smaller darker green one is called
  • Hardscape: Couple pieces of small drift wood & rock
  • Filter: HOB Tetra Whisper IQ 20 filter with AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter Media Pad (and sponge pre-filter).
  • Heater: Small Submersible Aquarium Heater, Adjustable (100 Watts)
  • Lighting: NICREW SkyLED Plus Aquarium Plant Light
  • Fish: 1 Angelfish
  • Snails: 8 Nerite snails
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I only have one tank this size anymore. 29 gallon set up January 2022, monthly water changes. Guppies and a female albino bristlenose. Half sand, half gravel, gravel side is air driven undergravel filter. I fed the crypts last winter, time to feed again
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Here is my 30 gallon tank.
Established 6 months ago after we upgraded from a 15 gallon with artificial decor.

We have a compliment of 21 little ones:
2 Angelfish
3 Blue (three spot) Gouramis
1 Bristlenose Catfish
4 Cherry Barbs
2 Hybrid Synodontis Catfish
2 Reed (Rope) Fish
3 Scissortail Rasbora
4 Mollys
Fish are fed twice a day on a variety of flakes, bug bites, colour enhancing vibra bites, catfish pellets, frozen and fresh bloodworm and brine shrimp. I try to mix it up so they don’t get bored of the same food all the time.

Plants include:
2 Amazon Swords
1 Indian Swampweed
1 Java Fern
Plants are fed twice weekly using Flourish Comprehensive Supplement and Potassium Supplements.

We also have the big wood/root and rocks for a more natural environment effect, providing lots of shelter and hiding places.

Water parameters have always been stable and I carry out weekly water changes of between 10-20%
Filters include corse to fine sponge filtration, fine floss media, active carbon media, phosphate remover and bio crystal media.

We plan to upgrade again possibly next year or the year after depending on how quickly the reed fish grow 🙈

Hope you like!
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20 g long
Dwarf red coral platys, sailfin Mollys and yellow tiger endlers
Orange pumpkin neocaridina
dwarf Sagittaria, Java fern, Anubias, Amazon Sword, Cryptocoryne Wendii, Azola
Moss balls
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This is my 90L dirted tank. The tank was set up on 31st Jan 2024 as a home for my Sawbwa resplendens fry that I bred. Overall tank is doing great apart from algae issues. A recent switch to a Chirios light seems to have slowly reduced the amount of thread algae and green spot algae. Future changes will be adding in the 3x Sawbwa adults when the others put on some more size and hopefully breeding action among the RCS as I've always wanted to start a colony of them. I do basic maintenance on this tank with a weekly 10L water change and feeding once a day. I don't add any ferts or other chemicals to this tank whatsoever.

Equipment - NICREW Internal Filter 40-80L, Aqua One Quartz Glass Heater 100W, Chihiros B60 LED Light
Fauna - 11x Sawbwa resplendens, 9x Red cherry shrimp, 4x Amano shrimp, ∞ x pond snail
Flora - Plant List (from 90L thread)
This is my a. sp Blutkehl 20 long. It has been setup since ~Dec 2023. The tank is a true black water with ec 31. The plants are doing fairly well all things considered:


The population includes a pair of a. sp Blutkehl (on the left); 7 n. morthenthaleri; 4 common otto and a few uninvited snails which are struggling due to soft water. The plants have shown every good growth esp the two echinodorus 'big bear' in the back which are doing quite well.

I do have a 20 long c. hastatus aquarium next to it if you prefer one with lush growth but alas that will have to be shown another time.

require dated picture; if you zoom in on the male a. sp Blutkehl you can see him displaying himself to the female though he is not trying very hard ;)
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