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We have 7 awesome tanks entered in Fishforums' December 2022 Tank of the Month contest featuring tanks sized at 16 US gallons and smaller. View all the tanks and descriptions below and then go to poll at the top of this thread, click on your choice for TOTM, and then click the "Cast" button.

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This is my 10g Clown KIllifish Tank.

Pearl Weed
Java Moss
Asian Watermoss
Alternanthera reineckii
Brazilian Pennywort
Ludwigia "Dark Red"
Ludwegia "Super red mini"
Water Sprite

Oak Sticks
Rock from pet store
Oak leaves I gathered myself

Cheap Aqueon 100w

Air powered sponge

STOCKING:Clown killifish(3 females, 1 male)

Frozen daphnia
Frozen brineshrimp
bug bites

Weekly 40%

FERTILIZERS:Seachem flourish
Seachem iron
Seachem potassium

I hope you like it :)
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10-gallon column tank that sits on my desk in my home office.

  • TopFin 10 Gallon Column Tank
  • TopFin HOB 10 Filter
  • TopFin Internal Filter
  • Aqueon 100W Preset Heater (78F)
  • Duel Aqueon Plant Lights
  • 5 neon tetras
  • 4 ember tetras
  • 2 mystery snails
  • 1 male dwarf blue gourami
  • Plants are some moneywart, java fern, apongoton (spelling?), salvinia
I love this tank! It is a couple months old now...it is what got be back into fishkeeping and a huge case of MTS
4 gallon tank plants are java fern java moss dwarf hair grass Monte Carlo money wort and hygrophila no co2 no aquasoil just plain gravel. The betta fish named husk I don’t now why I called him that but he loves it he sleeps up the back in the coconut thing but I couldn’t wish for anything better the tank dosent look like much but I love it thanks for all the support through fish keeping thank you to anyone who votes for me. Oh and I forgot to say I think he has 1 endler Friend but I don’t see him much. Whenever I walk over to the tank he always pops up and says hi such a nice fish
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Here's my 10 gallon with two fish that you can't see because they hide. No heater. Sponge filter . 15 watt flourescent strip light. Gobs of Salvinia which is going ape. Java Moss up the wazoo which is also doing good and a couple sprigs of Java Fern which are in steady as she goes mode as always. I also have a stable mass of brown algae that never gets bigger or smaller. Black sand bottom , thermometer and nothing else but water which I brew in my R/O unit. I could tell you more about my water but I don't want to jinx anyone as I've done to myself .

In March 2022 this 5.5 gallon tank was started with 9 red cherry shrimp, amphipods, rams horn snails, bladder snails. The variety of colors in the ramshorn snails is fascinating.

At the beginning of November 11 Thai micro crabs joined and besides the day I acclimated them and introduced them to the tank I’ve never seen more than 3 in the tank at any one time. Usually I see just one if I see any at all.

There are so many shrimp now that I will be trapping some and moving them to a larger tank. If you blow this picture up you may count many young shrimp.

This tank was a Top Fin kit which came with a TopFin PF10 filter on which I have a sponge. I don’t use the filter cartridges but cut out floss to put in the filter and have kept the plastic frame from their filters. The air gap at the top is to give surface plants some space to grow, although I do have to add some water due to some harvesting done earlier.

I change about 100 oz of water a week, usually done 3 separate times using a 32 oz. bottle to first mix the Salty Shrimp minerals into the new RO water. The tank loses water when I use it to harvest amphipods for some fish and I will use any extra water I pull out to water houseplants.

Half the tank bottom has tiny gravel to help root down dwarf saggitaria. The other half has stray gravel and leaf litter (Indian almond, birch, oak), alder cones, driftwood chunks with java fern scraps growing on them, and cholla. There is hornwort floating, stray bits of guppy grass, small bit of egeria densa, and susswassertang growing on a good palm-sized rock. Other floating plants are baby water hyacinth and dwarf watter lettuce. All plants are moved as they become too large and new babies, as available, moved in. Thai micro crabs live only in the Than Chin River in Thailand and make their home amongst water hyacinth roots.

Oxygenation is adjustable and was turned down some for the picture. It was added for the crabs as well as a 50W Cobalt Neo-Therm Pro Heater, temp set for 78 and holding well.

The Fluval Plant 3.0 provides 1450 Lumens and I keep whites at about 30% intensity, pinks at 20% intensity, and blue at 5%. Plants and livestock enjoy automated 2 hour sunrise starting at 7am and 90 min sunset starting at 5pm where the lights slowly change after either a 5 hour daylight period or a 15.5 hour night.

This tank bring me hours of joy.
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Hi everyone! This is my 6.5gal tank that I acquired back in October as a gift from my husband.

All About The Tank
Ciano 30 (6.5 Gal)
Ciano LED Lighting
Ciano CF40 Filter - changing over to a sponge filter this weekend!
Interpet Deltatherm Heater

Last Checked Tests
pH: 6.5
Nitrate: 10ppm
Nitrite: 0ppm

Current Environment
Black 'medium' gravel
Exo Terra Human Skull Hide
A nice piece of wood
3x Betta hammocks (he loves them!)
Zoomed Floating Betta Log
Small shrimp hide (hidden at back)

Current plants
Anubias barteri nana (x2)
Rotala rotundifolia
Micro Sword
Java moss
Moss balls (x3) - 2 of them have been flattened

Current Residents
My gorgeous blue marble betta splendens
3 amano shrimp
1 nerite snail
My plan is to get a few taller plants for the back and to change the filter over to a sponge filter, but other than that I am very happy with how it has turned out! I hope you all love it as much as I do :wub:

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