Various guppies in my 55 gallon

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Mar 1, 2023
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Houston, TX

The guppies with the gold/silver front and black back I raised from fry.
The fancy leopard patterned multi-colored ones I got from my LFS. It said on the tag that they were locally bread. I got 4 but one didn't make it. I think there were 2 females and 2 males I got. The female that remains is pregnant I think. Just setup a small 3 gallon in preparation. There's also another older guppy (The silver and blue one at the end of the video) I got from a diff LFS that is pregnant as well.

I also have 5 other fry that the fancy leopard patterned multi-colored guppies gave me in antoher tank I'm raising atm.

Community tank with 8 Guppies, 2 Angelfish, 3 glofish tetra, 1 glofish danio, 3 rummy nose tetra, 1 Panda Garra, 3 neon tetra, & 2 Goldust Lyrtail Molly
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Thanks, I give props to the many nerite snails. They really do a good job on the glass, deco, and dying plants. I just have to clean the top of the substrate and do water changes really.
I like the platinum male in there (what you call gold/silver).
Wait, now you got me curious as to what type they are. I looked up some types and the Panda Guppy seems to fit better. Does that sound right to you?

This was the source site I was used for types of guppies.
Actually, the site starts incorrectly. It says: However, there are nearly 300 different species of guppies.
This is incorrect. There are officially just 5 species that are being considered the base of breeding forms of guppies we know nowadays. They had to write down: However, there are nearly 300 different strains of gupppies. But even 300 is not up to date anymore. There's a distinct difference between a guppy species and a guppy strain.

I don't see a panda guppy in your video. I do see some females that have a dark body from caudal penducle to shoulder. Those are tuxedo females. In real guppy terms we would call these tuxedo females Nigrocaudatus2 females.

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