Vanalisa - June 2020 Tank of the Month Winner! (Nano tanks)

We have a winner in
June 2020
Tank of the Month Contest

We had 10 great tanks entered in this month's TOTM contest featuring tanks sized at 16 US gallons or smaller. But only one could win...

And the winner is.......................:band:

Let's all congratulate her
Here's Vanalisa's tank and its description

This is a 10g tank a friend gave me. It currently has a hood from a 20g that includes lighting. The filter came from the pet store as part of a used 20g sale. It has a heater.

It currently houses:

6 White Cloud Mountain Minnows. There uses to be 5 but I found a fry one day; at that time it looked lile a neon terra. I fed it back in the corner while the other fish were busy eating in another part of the tank. She soon knew where to go. I know the fry is a female because she has a well rounded belly.

It also has 4 Celestial Pearl Danios and 2 very charming Amano shrimp.

I feed flakes, pellets, frozen daphnia, live and frozen worms. I do 30% water change each week, 70% monthly.

Plants include:

A crypt of some sort
Dwarf water lily
Pothos ivy
One small sprig Creeping Jenny

Everyone is going into the "It's taking forever to cycle" 20g.

I love this tank, mostly because everyone gets along and is healthy.
Secondly because it's beautiful.

Thanks for reading.
Good luck everybody ♡
Congratulations - a worthy winner!

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