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Oct 14, 2011
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Eastern Canada
I am not a photographer, but will be in a situation where I may be able to get some interesting underwater video soon. I am wondering if someone can suggest a lower end 'go-pro'type knock off that could be left running underwater in a small fish habitat. I have a friend who bought a knock off in the airport in Amersterdam and got excellent footage of wild Betta splendens with it. I'll be fishing in west central Africa, and some video of what's going on underwater would be interesting to have.
Any suggestions, advice or experience would be welcome. I'm looking at under $100 models.
Most of the GoPro knockoffs are pretty decent.
Things to look for in reviews:
  • Battery life
  • Battery availability (you will want spares)
  • Focal length (how wide is the angle of view), most are pretty wide - you may prefer something more zoomed
  • Minimum focus (macro capability) - related to above It won't help if you intend to drop the camera into an area densely populated with tiny fish and the discover nothing closer than 2 metres is in focus
  • Image stabilisation (possibly)
I have use GoPros and knockoffs for scuba diving. Mostly, and for most people, you can't tell the difference. From your description I would go for something without an LED screen or with a screen you can turn off. Battery will last longer and you won't be introducing a distraction for the fish into their environment.

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