Twenty Years


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Aug 21, 2021
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North Yorks
Twenty years ago most of the world sat or stood transfixed to their TV screens, not quite believing what they were watching

I was eating my lunch at home (time zones being what they are), TV was on in the background...corner of my eye..."newsflash"

A friend of mine and his son came in the room...stood stock still...eyes wide.....we questioned, we couldn't grasp exactly what we were watching...a film...was it real...a cold shiver passed through each of us as it finally dawned on us that what we were seeing was really was TV....

Those sights will never leave us....the feelings of horror...helplessness...confusion....

A close friend of mine lost his brother that day...a firefighter. He was sent into the Marriott and he never came home

Thousands of people went to work, shopping, school or on their holidays or boarded aircraft that day, just like any other day....they never came home, their loved ones never had that precious chance to say "goodbye", they have nothing but memories

To the people of New York, Shanksville and Washington...and to all those who lost their loved ones or suffered life changing and life limiting injury or illness from around the world that will always be remembered, no matter what the future may hold, even moreso given recent events, you'll never be forgotten. The world must never forget or become so complacent ever again.


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Apr 21, 2020
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Just North Of London
A truly awful day that people the world over are still living with every time they travel by air.
It’s strange how certain moments make you remember exactly where you were, who you were with and what you were doing when you heard the news.
I was off work with the worst flu I ever had. Could barely walk without sweat streaming out of me like a squeezed sponge. Which is why I’d been laying on the sofa for hours with the tv on. The phone rang and the then GF told me to put on the news. Words still fail me now.
Ive a poster size blow up of a 35mm snap taken of me and friends on Liberty Island in 1987 with Manhattan as the background. Twin Towers pointing majestically upwards. It looks amazing with the greys n blues of the concrete, sea, sky etc. It hung on the wall by the tv.
I spent the rest of the day and following months looking from the TV screen to the poster a few feet away unable to imagine those buildings no longer being there. Incomprehensible stuff.
Thoughts with everyone lost and their friends and families. I can t even begin to imagine the rage and anger they must’ve felt. I’m not a religious person at all but it has its place in helping people come to terms with some of mankind’s decisions. Harrowing viewing even now.

Jan Cavalieri

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Jun 2, 2019
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Topeka, KS
I was in a management training class and we took a break about 9 or10 am and watched on the TV in the Secretary's office. My husband was at home having had a heart attack recently. I watched from the secretary's office for nearly an hour. The trainers realized they weren't going to have any way to make us concentrate and just sent us "home" (which in my case, meant returning to my office about a mile away. I drove to my office and they wouldn't let me in! This building normally had about 800 people in it and they had never set up any security - no office badges or anything else. So I just went home. Spent the day and into the night just watching those explosions over and over. Watching people jump from the towers (I only mention that worst of horrors because my daughter didn't understand it - I don't she slept well that night after I explained it to her - that was the most sickening part of what I heard and saw that day - not to mention being sure these people were also unable to say goodbye to their loved ones. I can still cry over everything that happened to this day. Within a week we had a security badge system in place and everybody was busy getting their badges (I worked downtown for State Government that there were over 13,000 employees just in downtown Topeka that needed badges. How the put it together so fast - I had no idea but from that day on badges were used - later on we could skip that process if the security guard recognized us - having been there about 20 years by that time I was easily recognized. I think we were all pretty sure that Topeka,KS wouldn't be the next target. But we did start realizing that there was no ladder truck in Topeka that could reach above the 5th floor (I worked on the 9th floor) so we were mostly doomed should there be a fire unless we could find our way to the roof - or the 5th floor. I know I don't understand these 200 and 300 story buildings. Think how long it take to just get to work? Do you even have time to go out to lunch much less escape from terrorists? oh well.


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Nov 28, 2006
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Teesside, UK
I was at home, my mother was visiting family in the Isle of Man, my elder son had gone to visit a friend about 40 miles away. My son had recently got his pilot's licence and had been intending to take out a career development loan to further his pilot training, which never happened in the aftermath. My mother phoned to tell me to turn on the TV. I watched in horror for a few minutes then phoned my son.

My brother-in-law's younger daughter was in New York and worked part time in one of the towers. He couldn't get through on the phone and spent a few agonising days until he finally made contact - it was one of the days she didn't work.

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