Trying something out of the box… a bare root golden bamboo seedling

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
I was hesitant to try this, they have pictures of fully leafed out bamboo, but if you understand you are getting a bare root dormant bamboo, it didn’t look too bad… time will tell… this is going into my bamboo water garden ( new name for my Asian tank ) there are currently a couple submerged lucky bamboo towers, and 20 different emergent lucky bamboo stalks with at least 12 inches of emergent vegetation, a few Chinese Evergreens a pink variety, and now this actual bamboo plant hydroponic tree n a hang on pot…

This is the link… terrible comments, but. because of those I was expecting a dormant bare root plant, and it looks more alive than the bare root trees I get from the ag service, for the farm… so fingers crossed

This is how it looked on day one… a face only a mother could love….
Looks like an actual bamboo. My experience with growing bamboo outside is to be aware the stolons are very aggressive and will destroy things. Once my black bamboo, similar to golden bamboo, took off I was finding shoots coming up through my asphalt driveway, and later even through a small section of the city road.

It destroyed the planter I started it in. In the end I had to remove it because it was getting too close to my water and gas mains.

It looks like you have it in a contained area, but if it grows it will move beyond the container, and its growth can be extremely fast. In the process it will destroy your container.

I don't know how well it will grow partially submerged but it might do well. If it does grow, just keep an eye on it.
I’ve seen these also called Buda Belly Bamboo… the pots are just cheap plastic the roots normally escape into the tank, on other plants… if it goes crazy, I’ll just have to trim the roots… mmmmm bamboo shoots… maybe my big pink kisser, or adult Tin foil barbs will trim them for me??? Though they don’t seem to be doing much to the Chinese evergreen roots growing out of the pots…

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