Tired Betta

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Jul 28, 2004
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Castleford, UK
Do betta's sleep (alot) cos both mine seem to stay stationary alot at the bottom of the tank etc which worries me obviously cos I either think there dead or not well then they just get up merry as owt after a while. I've herd of other ppls doing the same.
If they're in the same tank together, I'm suprised one of them isn't dead by now.
Every1 says that but they dont even bother with each other infact they tend to stay at either ends (I think its a lovers tiff)
Well, they're showing signs of depression, so I'm guessing something about the situation is making them unhappy. Have you tried removing one to see if the other does better?
Yeah they seemed suicidal to say the least and very very very unhappy alone its usually when I have the light off n its dark that they do it.
Okay, then they're probably sleeping! Mine do that at night too. Even bettas need their rest! :nod:

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