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Timers for lighting...

Discussion in 'Lighting Reviews' started by Fishmanic, Oct 17, 2018.


Do you use smart plugs in your home?

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  1. Fishmanic

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    Sep 23, 2013
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    Northeastern USA
    I use a fluorescent lamp on my 35 gallon tank. I presently use a mechanical timer to control the on-off cycling of the lighting. The problem with a mechanical timer is that when daylight saving time starts or ends you have to reset the timer. Also if I want to turn on the light for a brief time after the timer turns off the lights, I have to reach over to get to the timer.

    My plan is to use a smart plug for controlling the light. These plugs can be controlled by voice via alexa or google home. also Also you can set up a schedule to control the on-off timing or turn them on or off via a mobile phone app. In case of a power failure, the schedule resumes when power is back on without having to reset the device (my old mechanical timer requires resetting).

    You could also use one of these smart plugs to control a CO2 device. But I don't think I would trust these smart plugs to control life sustaining devices such as filters.

    These plugs have come down in price to a very reasonable level. You can also control other devices such as room lamps, coffee makers, or other appliance. With thesel smart plugs, which work over wifi, you can even control them when away from home via the mobile phone app.

    One example is here:

    there are many other smart plugs available from amazon or other online companies
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