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Tiger Lotus Trimming Question!

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May 1, 2022
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Central Texas
Some of you might remember my planted 30gal that I've been working on this year, it's going great! Been having great luck with my tiger lotus, jungle val, and anubis so far.
However my tiger lotus has gone bonkers and I'm wondering if it's time for a trim? If so, any tips?

Pardon the low water level, I just got back from a trip and was doing a water change and trimming the jungle val.

I've included some progress pictures, you can literally see how the tiger lotus EXPLODED considering it was a tiny half dead bulb when I got it.


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The tiger lotus is sending up floating leaves. I had two of these plants in my 90g, and the floating leaves with their reddish purple underside were striking, so I left them. If you trim the lowest leaves, it may encourage surface leaves. If you trim off the surface leaves, it will (apparently) stop the plant from producing more and the leaves will be lower. I think this plant's striking feature are the floating leaves, so I would leave things alone at present.
Thanks! I unfortunately already trimmed them as I was worried about them getting bigger and blocking the light for my other foliage. If there are more I might leave them 😁

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