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wow on here they say if you got one fish in a tank too big its bad, but omfg.
a few oscars, a pacu, a trimac, and some nandopsis ( jag ? ) in a 55g... i have a 60g tank and all its got init is about 4 fish and the biggest is 6"....
nice pacu tho :p i love pacu!!!
aww, some people have no idea how to keep fish, im 15 and i have 5 tanks lol, but there not overstocked
Thats awful from what i saw there were 2l oscars, a Jaguar, a pacu, an ID shark, Huge Plec, a Flowerhorn, a midas and couple of others that i dont know what they were.

Ohh and the titles not very appropriate as idont see how that makes you feel better.
oh yeah another thing, wont a jaguar kill a oscar as jags get bigger than that and are VERY agressive?

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