Things to look out for with plants in the aquariums…

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
So this is more meant to be a question, rather than an informative post… I have a tank, that has a lot of emergent lucky bamboo ( I’ve recently added 20 stalks) bought in 2 groups, both came packaged with jelly around the roots, for shipping, and the 1st group was well rooted, but the 2nd group came, nice an green, with lots of leaves, but almost no roots… on the same thoughts, I’ve been buying a lot of pothos starter pots that have been growing into different aquariums… I’m familiar with rooting compounds they sell for aiding in rooting cuttings, and all these plants you can tell, are from cuttings, rather than seedlings… I always wash the plants to bare root, and rinse them very well, before putting them in my aquatic pots..

On the tank with all the bamboo, I’ve recently lost 2 Denison barbs… water seems fine, there are 3 varieties of Hillstream loaches, that need good water, and these all seem to be thriving… several other fish varieties, with no losses… makes me wonder if the Denison’s could be “canaries” and most sensitive??? I don’t typically use carbon, there is a pouch in each Tidal 75, but I’m sure it’s inert by now, as old as it is… I’ll be doing a big RO water change today, just in case… I’d like to think the plants could replace the carbon, but maybe there is too much rooting residue on the 20 stalks on bamboo, all added within 2 weeks of each other…

The Denison’s that died, were 3-4 days apart, one had been in the tank for almost a year, and the other for only a couple months

Also philodendrons are often listed as not pet friendly… I do have one or two of those in my tanks, with no witnessed adverse reactions.. but there are likely other houseplants, that wouldn’t be good to grow out of an aquarium
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Oh, bummer. Always sad to hear about someone losing a denny. I could be mistaken, but I don't think that root gel is toxic to fish. I think it's just an inert, water-holding compound. Not sure about rooting compound, which I seem to remember is some sort of enzyme. It would seem that rinsing would be sufficient. If any of your fish start sprouting roots, you'll know for sure...

Philodendrons are often listed as toxic to pets. They aren't truly toxic, but have silica crystals in their cells that can cause physical irritation and harm to digestive systems. The same is true of pothos. Unless you have fish that are going to munch on the roots, they should be perfectly safe in your aquarium.

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