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I’m am so sorry! Is that the tank you always have them in? You defiantly need a bigger tank like a 10 or even 20 gallon tank. Remove the dead fish. And do a water change.
Well I'm assuming that's old tank water the fish are being held in? And with the amount of dead in there I can't imagine it being any good for the couple that are still alive

This is awful and every fishkeepers worst nightmare. For fish to die like this it's surely got to be a water related issue, like a massive ammonia spike or poisoning of some sort, or a lack of oxygen and they've all suffocated.

How did you feed the food?
Yes, the container water was from the tank. After panicking nonstop I had my sister go get some more test strips., and the nitrate level and ammonia levels were through the roof. But again this was after I fed them those worms from PetsSmart. When feeding them, I put on a black glove every single time, and I do too pinches into the aquarium
Corydoras are very sensitive to water quality so it's puzzling that they're unaffected.

Whole tank photos and your test results would be helpful. Close ups of the dead fish could be or help too
1) The shrimp, Cory’s, and loaches have ZERO issues. (They are now in the clean tank)

2) the small container (rectangle) are Guppy’s and Snails that were DYING but I was able to put the new water in this container and place them in it. Hoping they would survive the night.. I did not want to put them in the big tank because I didn’t know if they were going to be carrying a disease or not. But as you can see, they made it through the night and everyone is swimming.

3) inside the larger tank you can see 10 guppies were able to also survive and fight.

4) the small round container had guppies that were in the holding container, that were struggling to survive…. however, I wanted to see if they can make it through the night as well. Unfortunately, they did not. (They are also in the same water that is snails and guppies that survived are in just separate containers.)

5) the holding container, which is now a massive graveyard

6) I was able to finally get some test strips for the original water in the container and it was all bad. Like very very very bad! But again this happened the day after I fed them to freeze dried blood worms

I cannot believe it altered my entire ecosystem into The Walking Dead all within 24 hours


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I haven't fed bloodworms in years, too much phosphate in the liquid of the frozen ones, I might have fed a betta some freeze dried ones, but my survival rate on bettas hasn't been that good either. I solved problem by not buying more bettas
I didn't like the way the frozen blood worms looked when I used them, and my fish weren't too into them either. So I don't use them that much. The frozen brine shirmp though look good and fish like them a lot.

Sorry about your loses. It does sound like the food did it but I don't know for sure. That really sucks if so, and very worrisome! :sad:
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If even snails die, something really bad is going on in the water itself. But weird that those shrimps survived then. Most cories are really hardy fish and will survive in bad water for a reasonable time. So, that's not a real surprise. Overhere they've lived in dirt and even reproduced themselves. But again, I've mentioned "most" cories. So, not all...
When i look at the test strip, the nitrate and nitrite are high which can cause those deaths.

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