The Nature Of Tetras, Rasboras And Danios ? Pet of the Month
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May 4, 2003
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T.O (Toronto)
Throughout my fishkeeping days, i have kept these 3 kinds of fish. However they all have one thing in common, they nip each other's fins and does it one by one, so i acually loose one here and there all the time, to the point where i gave up on them. And yes i keep them in schools, i've had 12 neons first (didnt work out well) 10 harlequin rasboras (drop like flys every few days i would see one floating dead with nipped tails) Danios (same with the rasboras)

However i am willing to give them another chance, on rummy nose tetras, but i am just wonderin if they nip like tetras, rasboras and danios, i've thought to myself.. they ARE in the same family as the pirahna after all.
What about the cardinals tetras.

These are the kinda things that you cant find on websites, experience. For example wehn i first started keeping fish, i had cories and platties, both community fish, but i would see them sneak up on my cories and nip them on the fin when they are resting, or how angelfishes like to harass cories aswell, although sites say they are community fish, i wouldnt say they are 100% compatible, cories are the type of fish i want, they would NEVER NEVER show any signs of agressiveness.

(wow havnt posted in a hell of a long time on this forum)

and what about torpedo sharks (roseline sharks), ya know the one wif the red line, i need a centerpeice for my tank, i would like some largeish fish, if not a large schools of fish, or both but keep in mind, cories are the real reason im even keeping fish, the centerpeice is so my family doesnt say my tank is "boring" as they arnt fans of cories and they always sit on the bottom.

I am a real fan of "sharks" and this one is beatiful (just like the rtbs) , not agressive( unlike the rtbs), doesnt get too large (im lookin at you, balas), and most importantly, doesnt bother my cories (rtbs again). I had a red tailed black shark before, it was a beuty but i sold it becuase it was harassing my cories. I cant find another "shark" nicer lookin then a rtbs, (dark black and bright red, wow) but i think i found something pretty too.

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