The Classic Cabinet Company UK - Advice Wanted

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Aug 17, 2004
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Aberdeen, Scotland

I am looking to buy a new tank and cabinet for the dining room, but the wife has put her foot down and say's it has to fit in with the rest of the wooden furniture. The only thing that I've seen on the web, close to what we have, is made by a company called The Classic Cabinet Company located in Hull U.K

Has anyone on here ever bought a cabinet from them, if so, how do you rate it.

Does anyone know of any other similar cabinet manufactures on the web that can be recommended?

Thanks for any help / advice

Look around any of the bigger fish shops, they'll have all types of cabinets. Those on that site don't look anything special at all.

From your IP you would seem to be in SW London, if that is the case, find out where your local branch of Maindenhead Aquatics is. Some branches are better then others, but most carry at least some cabinetted tanks, and will probably have brochures from the manufacturers. There are other places, we have members in that area who will be able to help I'm sure.

If you are not there, (I know IP resolution is not always accurate), give us an idea of where you are and we'll probably be able to suggest somewhere.
Thanks for the reply Lateral Line. I'm actually on an oil rig at the moment but when at home its in Aberdeen, Scotland. The shops up here are very limited when it comes in cabinets. They mainly stock the well know manufactures, only a limited selection of them and thats it. So I feel the only option open to me is to order something over the internet.

Thanks for the help

the classic cabinet company often put their tanks on ebay try there for bargins
>>> when at home its in Aberdeen, Scotland

I've just PM'd one of our members in Aberdeen and asked if he could look at this thread.

I used to have to visit North Sea rigs/platforms in my old job. Not sure I'd like to spend weeks at a time out there though!
Again thanks Lateral Line, if the member in Aberdeen can help me it would be great.

Working on a oil platform isn't that bad but the two weeks off to do what ever I want (if the wife lets me of course! lol) is great. :D
thats posh fish place are extremly expensive, they probable use solid wood to make them, you could always try buying a place glass tank then going to a local furniture maker.

we have a workshop down the road and there kitte your front room out with pine at good low prices and some built to spec stuff!!
Aberdeen Aquarist has not responded yet. He maybe away. Good guy. If there are places in Aberdeen he may well know, give him a week.
Dont mean to be insulting in anyway but have you tried looking through the yellow pages sometimes you find out there's places you didn't know about!!
Knew I could rely on you my friend.
I'v seen a couple of there cabinets - the "Ultima range" and they are very good quality but like you said, quite expensive.

ste :)

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