Temperature Fluxuations

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Nov 13, 2006
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Im still in the process of figuring out my 12g nano.
I havent got it up and running yet because our home heater was out for about two weeks. and had major problems keeping the house at a steady temp. Im out in Utah where daytime and night time are quite different in temerature. I have kept my tank flowing with freshwater and the heater pumpin to watch the fluxuations in the tank itself. I havent got anything in there yet... including live rock and sand. I have it in my bedroom where it is not in direct sunlight nor prone to any gusts ( my father knowing nothing about fish) wanted me to put it first in the living room by the fire place and after I explained that wouldnt work he wanted me to put it in the front Entryway haha.. i said that was the same problem... temp fluxuations wich could kill the fish.. I love my dad but had to go with the bedroom senario for safty of the fish from crazy family gatherings to fireplace and foot traffic in and out of the house..

anyway... before I really get going and ordering my LR Sand and the like... I know concistancy is the key to keeping marine life. but what are ok perameters on temp fluxuations... reality. like . two degree like 2 degree... when should i worry abut my tank as the temp fluxuates. and how do I help it relax into concistancy. I have a stelth heater so it is new and of quality. and Ive got about 370 gph circulation. fan cooled cf lighting.

any thoughts? before I get in to the money part of this adventure?
If you have a good heater with enough flowrate you shouldnt have to worry about the tank getting too cold at all. Heaters will keep things within a degree even with gusts, drafts, etc. In arizona I'd be more worried about heat in the summer :)

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