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Hi all,

Recently I have become very aware I need another tank (it's NOT MTS, what a surprise!) however since I have never actually bought one of my own tanks, I want some recommendations.

- It must be able to keep tropical freshwater fish (neon tetras, corydoras, and possible something else)
- Must be 20gal or larger (but I probably can't do anything over 30gal, due to budget)
- Needs a filter + heater (not necessarily inbuilt, but just suggestions)
- Needs to be purchased on a budget (preferably under $300, but can stretch to $400 is absolutely necessary)

Also, how do you guys just find really cheap or free tanks? (I feel very jealous :))
And recommendation for buying off second-hand sites like ebay/gumtree? (I don't want to buy something then find out it leaks).

I was looking at an aqua 1 tank but have heard tons of horror stories about them exploding, so maybe not...

Thanks in advance!
Hi Diversa on ebay do a 112 litre/29 gallon for £119.95 I have several of them and they are good quality i hope this helps

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