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Aug 8, 2004
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Edmonton AB Canada
Is it possible to get swordtails from a LFS and not have them die. My tank has been running for about 1 1/2 years and everytime I put swordtails in the tank they die within 2 days. Everything is fine as far as ph, and the rest of the levels. I only have neons, Cories, and a Pleco in the tank. If anyone could help with my prob. It would be appreciated.
i rely dont know wat to tell ya man, i raised swords for a while and they thrived untill a disease came and took em all out. i would suggest putting them in another tank with their own water from the bag, mixed with ur tanks water and leave them there for a day or 2. them put em in. the only thing i can think of that may be doin it is stress i dunno this is very odd, their pretty hardy fish.
I used swordtails to cycles my tank by accident (I had no clue about cycling) So mine have gone through alot and there still kickin strong i have 2 of them probaly 4 months old now? -_-

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