Swordtails and Platys

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Apr 11, 2022
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Hello TFF. Have a couple of heavily planted 55 gallon tanks and didn't notice this until a few weeks ago, but the last group of Platys I got at the local fish fish store had a couple of Swordtails in it. Don't ask why I didn't notice this because the size of the fish alone is a difference, not to mention the shape of the body. I'm really just the water changer and let nature do its thing. So, now I'm seeing fry and am anxious to see if there's much of a difference in the hybrid. I may not be able to tell the hybrids. The new hybrids may just look like one or the other.

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A lot of swordtails and platies from Asian fish farms are already hybrids. This happened 50 years ago when they were looking for new colours and they crossed swords with platies.
Hello again. Yes. Nothing new I guess, except to me. The local Petco and Petsmart here have their fish pretty much in tanks according to species, so I was surprised to get a combo. Anyway, we'll see if there's much of a difference when the fry grow up.

Domesticated swordtails and platies are basically the same fish =hybrids You are very unlikely to see any difference, For a start you would need to use virgin stock to know if they have crossbred
Just give it time and see how that offspring will unfold...

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