Sword ID?


Feb 25, 2009
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What name is on the tag (photo 2)?

Identifying the species of sword plant (in the genus Echinodorus) is often tricky. First, there is the matter of the emersed leaf form and the submersed form. Being bog or marsh plants (most species are) they grow emersed during the dry season and submersed during the wet season, and they can be easily acclimated to permanent submersed cultivation. The leaf shape, texture and size varies between emersed and submersed forms.

Second, there is considerable variation within the species themselves. Some of this results from different environments. More or less intense lighting, nutrient availability, all factor in. But even in their wild habitat, there are variations among geographic populations. Then, there has been a lot of cross-breeding and hybridization in the hobby over the past few decades. Sometimes it is not even possible to pin down a distinct species. And often the flowers must be seen to be certain, as the flowers differ with each species.

From the photos, I would suggest from the appearance of the leaves that this plant has been cultivated emersed. Once settled in an aquarium, the new leaves which emerge from the centre of the crown will be the submersed form, and the existing (older) outer leaves will probably slowly yellow and die off.



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