Submersible fish tank pump.

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Country joe

Fish Crazy
Mar 13, 2024
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Where I'm putting my tank, it will be better for me to use a bucket for water change, I was looking at a you tube video where the guy using a bucket puts in a thermometer in the bucket to get the right temp, I was then looking at using a submersible pump to put the water from the tank into the bucket and then be able to pump the clean water back in.i know there are various other ways of doing this but I think this would be better for me, if it would work okay could you recommend a pump for the job I'm getting the jewel led rio 125, which I'm sure holds 27.5 gallons. Any help as always would be appreciated.
Before getting anything like a python you need to know what kind of hot water system you have.
With a combi boiler hot water is made directly from cold mains water so it's safe to mix hot and cold tap water.
The kind of system which has a hot water cylinder where the cylinder is fed directly from mains water is also OK to use hot tap water.
But with the kind with a cylinder and a header tank in the attic it is not safe to use hot tap water so if using a hose connected to a mixer tap only cold tap water can be used.
My post wasn't suggesting a python. They were talking about an electrical pump in the thread I linked. The link should go right to the post with the pump.
The first link was to a post about a pump but in a thread with python in the title. So just in case anyone researched pythons after reading the title and not the actual post I warned UK members.

But yes, using a pump to refill from a container would make life a lot easier :)

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