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Strange Looking Robin

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Dec 1, 2006
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The Goodeid Room
IMG_8621 (640x480).jpg
i have not seen one like it
In what way does it look strange to you? it looks pretty normal to me 
Isn't that a shadow from the sunlight on the branch above?
]no its not sunlight.
Some Pic’s of normal robin lol.
IMG_8220 (640x480).jpgIMG_8351.jpgIMG_8361 (640x480) (640x480).jpg
IMG_8500 (640x480).jpg


  • IMG_8215.jpg
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It does look like a shadow cast from the branches rather than black feather colouring, are you able to photograph the bird again?
I took a closer look at the pictures I am starting to wonder if it is shadow cast. before I took the pic it was going from one branch to another. Strangest thing is it still had the black colouration reason for taking photos. 
Oh, you have a little robin nest! :wub:
I love little baby chicks... and birds..
Sadly I dont tend to get robins around here, the last robin I was was when I lived in New South Wales and it was the Red breasted kind in those pictures. Even the only wrens I tend to see around here are not the beautiful Suberb Wrens but the Red Backed Wren. Still pretty but tend to stay out of town and only seen on the fringes of town or out in the country side.

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