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New Boy

Fish Crazy
May 14, 2003
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London, England
600 litre tank with;

4 common chromides (etrop.mac)
4 common kribs (pelv.pulch)
4 mollies
4 sailfin mollies
4 swordtails
4 south american pufferfish (colo.asel)
15 assorted rainbow fish (probably 3 groups of 5)

Will leave me at about 1" per gallon stocking so I'm happy that is ok but just wanted to check that there were no compatibility problems -
1) the puffers (colo.aselleus) with small cichlids
2) whether the rainbows would all shoal together if I get three different types (madagascan, boesmani and blue eye are my preferred three at the moment).
3) the kribs and chromides that I've kept in smaller tanks (190 litre) are intolerant of their own kind (kribs and chromide co-existed and bred quite happily but if there was another krib in the tank the krib pair would chase it relentlessly and the same deal with the chromides). I'm hoping a bigger tank would resolve this but would like to know if anyone has experience...

I've chosen all of these fish as they are all quite happy to live in a slightly brackish tank at around 1.002/1.003.

Any suggestions/comments welcome.



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Aug 16, 2004
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Somewhere else, as I am banned...
Mixing puffers with any fish can be risky. The puffers you have chosen have a better record than most for co-habiting, but be prepared to remove them should any trouble occur.

However, as far as I am aware the SAPs are entirely FW though I would be surprised to see an SG of 1.002 do any great damage. nmonks or fella would be better people to ask on puffers and salt. Have you perhaps considered Figure 8 puffers as these do better in captivity in brackish tanks?

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