Stocking Ideas for 5 Gallon tank


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Mar 27, 2021
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New York City
I went to my LFS today and brought home a low iron rimless 5 gallon fish tank along with a filter and a strong LED light. I am planning to buy some substrate soon and need advice on stocking. I already have an idea in mind, but I hoped to get additional advice from TFF.

I’m planning on buying around 7 Exclamation Point Rasbora (or Mosquito Rasbora depending on what my LFS has in stock) and growing a colony of Red Cherry Shrimp from maybe 8 starting individuals.

The tank will be a heavily planted tank and it might be a month or two before I actually buy some fish. I plan for there to be Java fern, hornwort, and Süsswassertang. I already have a lot of Java fern and quite a bit of Süsswassertang. Hornwort should grow pretty fast too.

I believe the plants will detoxify all the toxins that come out from the fish and shrimp. It may be a bit overstocked, but what do you guys think?
(I will be sleeping soon so I will reply in the morning.)
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