Stocking Ideas and Aquascape Ideas for 10-Gallon Long Tank


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Nov 20, 2023
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Houston, Texas
Hey y'all! I have an empty 10-gallon tank that I want to aquascape and stock. I'm in no rush to do it, but I would like some ideas. Here are the stocking ideas that I was thinking of:

1. Betta and Asian Stone Catfish

2. African Dwarf Frogs and Killifish

3. 2 Pea Puffers

4. Shrimp Tank

5. Rasbora and Shrimp Tank
Here is what I was thinking for aquascape ideas:

Asian Setups:

1. Dragon Stone, sand, soil, and short grass-like plants (Dwarf hair grass).

2. Bonsai tree with seriyu stone or some smooth gray stone with moss and sand.

South American/Australian/African

1. Driftwood with Smooth Cobbles (echoing my big tank's eventual design) with soil, sand, and small plants.

2 Driftwood with plants (like Anubias and floating plants), soil, and sand.

I would appreciate any suggestions regarding the stocking and/or design. Also, I would appreciate any recommendations for stands, lights, lids, and soil.

Thank you in advance for any help!
I was looking into pea puffers just out of interest a while back and I think they prefer larger groups but someone more knowledgeable will be able to confirm.

I have ADF's and think they're great, you could have quite a nice little group in a 10 gallon. I'm not sure whether they're compatible with killifish, it's not something I've ever seen done before so I did a quick online search and most people say the frogs would eat the killifish. My own frogs live with cories and have never tried to eat them, but I know this can be an issue with them. I keep a backup tank just in case I do have issues with compatibility. You could try a frog only tank to be on the safe side, they'd love your driftwood idea, and the more floating plants the better as they chill out and rest on those.

Re the soil, I wouldn't worry about using it as it can leech into the water and then need to be replaced after several months once all the nutrients are gone. Sand substrate with root tabs should be good, plus liquid fertiliser with your water changes.
We don't see a 'long' version of a ten gallon in stores where I am. What are its dimensions?
My water hardness is 8, nitrates: 0, ammonia: 0, nitrites: 0.

When I say "long" tank, what I mean is a typical rectangular tank, it isn't a bowfront or cube.

Dimensions are 20” L x 10” W x 12” H
Overall info lately is:
1. bettas cant be with anything, while you will read hundreds of stories of peaceful bettas in community settings, you will read thousands more of bettas eating snail antenae, hunting shrimp, killing fish. Plus bettas are voracious eaters, and stone catfish is a shy almost blind species that likes certain conditions. I think asian catfish in a high leaf litter tank with some chilli rasboras would work. But in a 40 liters at least, ideally more
2. ADF should never be kept with fish. They are almost blind, super slow, and will predate on sleeping fish. Also the fish will never leave the ADF in peace to let it eat the meal it wants to in the tempo it wants to.
3 Pea Puffers should be kept in a large school in a large tank
4 shrimp only tanks are boring :)
5 good choice. Chilli rasboras, or other micro rasboras except kubotai (which is not a rasbora) are great choice for small tanks. They like their low lighting, they like their floaters, they are inquisitive fish.

I have a group of pseudomugil luminatus and bunch of rabbit snails (not ideal tankmates pH wise) in a 54 liter, they work splendid. I have a group of clown killifish in a 40 liter, they are so much fun.
At some point in here in the forum I made a 10 gallon stocking list, and recently in my clown killifish journal I posted pictures of my clown killifish, for inspiration

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