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DJ Fresh

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Apr 5, 2005
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British Columbia, Canada
I've worked a deal out with the Local fish store to take my Common pleco before it gets too big. Check and see if there is an independant store that could take yours?

I've got 3 rams, one of them is getting harrassed becuase the other two are dominating. I wouldn't suggest having more than two Rams. For the sake of the fish, I'm giving it away to my brother-in-law because I can't handle watching it always on the run.

Clown Loaches have been known to travel to all layers of the tank, and they are bottom scavengers too. Zebra Danio's stay near the top too... and they are pretty active. My X-Ray tetra's are in a school of 5 and they look pretty cool.

If you like Khuli's, check out the Weather or Dojo Loach. I've really enjoyed mine since I got it.

Just more ideas for you are whomever.

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