Stocking a 252l tank

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Dec 30, 2023
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I’m just in the process of cycling a 252l tank, whilst waiting I’m trying to compile a list of fish. I’m a massive fan of vibrant colours, and have an idea of a few fish to add.

A betta is one of them, seen a nice blue/green phantom plec and some cory’s. I’m in no rush to stock the tank when cycled and will no doubt start with the corys wait a couple weeks then a betta and then invest in a plec(s) as these seems to be more on the expensive side.

Few questions.
when I come to stock the tank with corys I’ be looking to stock it with 6-8, is this too many or could I start with more?
in regards to the betta, would this be a suitable fish. I know they can be territorial but with a large tank I can’t see a big problem?
with the plecs could I have two? These wouldn’t be at the same time

any other suggestions of vibrant fish would be appreciated.
Hi and welcome to the forum!

For your questions:
1. With cories, more is always merrier :) They love being in a big group, so upwards of at least six is recommended
2. I think (I've never had a beta) that one male beta wouldn't do great in a community tank (he might feel crowded and they prefer to be in their own tank, as well as possibly being aggresive toward the other fish) however you could try a sorority- a group of females. From what I've read, this can be very tricky, but it may work if they have lots of different territories (in a heavily planted/decorated tank). Or, if you like the sheen of betas, there are other things you could try, like apistogramma agassizii (not sure if that would work, just a suggestion) or the incredibly popular but still (IMO) awesome neon/cardinal tetra for a schooling fish.
3. Just looked up blue/green phantoms and they look cool! Not sure what size tank they would need but I have seen some things that say they might be minorly aggressive, so maybe one would be best.

Hope this helps!
If you’re going with cories and a pleco, sounds like you’re going for a South American tank. Electric blue acaras are beautiful cichlids and are relatively peaceful as long as you don’t get small schooling fish. Angelfish could be tankmates for acaras. Various ram cichlids are beautiful too. Ember tetras, neon tetras, cardinal tetras, kubotai rasboras, those are all beautiful small fish if you’re looking for flashy colors in a schooling fish.

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