Spanner T Barb


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Feb 29, 2012
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So I adopted this very large fish not knowing what it was and what it would do to my community. Guy was trying to surrender it outside my lfs, I felt bad for it being in a Tupperware container with no air. Brought it home and put it in my 20 gallon long well needless to say ate 7 of my fish leaving 2 tetras my pleco and nerite snail. I tried adding more skirt tetras but as soon as the lights went off it was fair game. So I moved the 5 fish to my 10 gallon guppy tank.
So my question is do I leave as is or is there any fish that could be suitable?
My lfs doesn't carry spanner T barbs. Would Tiger barbs be a good choice?
I know my space is limited not looking to upgrade my tank right now. Thanks


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Feb 25, 2009
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What has occurred here is unfortunately not going to be remedied.

Like all barbs, it is a shoaling fish that must have a group of its own species; when this is denied, as it was prior to your even acquiring the poor fish, it can affect the fish's behaviour very seriously, as it has done. This is not reversible, and chances are that even if you did find the fish and acquired a group of 8-9, this one might still be a terror, or the reverse.

But this fish is also large, and requires at minimum a 5-foot (150 cm) tank for a group. Having been confined to a small tank previously, this also causes trouble for the fish, leading again to increased aggressiveness.

Tiger Barbs are another problem fiish, requiring at least 10-12 in a 30 gallon tank, on their own, minimum. Other species are possible in larger tanks.

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