Spaghetti Finger Leather Coral


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Common name(s): Spaghetti Finger Leather Coral, Soft Finger Coral, Rasta Leather, Thin Finger Coral

Scientific name: Sinularia flexibis

Family: Alcyoniidae

Location: Fiji, Tonga

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Tank Placement: Any level in the tank

Water Flow: Medium to strong

Light: moderate to high

Care: The Spaghetti Finger Leather is a relatively easy coral to take care of. It grows rapidly so give it a wide berth between corals. Although it doesn't have sweeper tentacles, it can sting neighbors with it's long arms. Like most leathers, it can contract down to a small size at night or in bad water conditions. It can be all sorts of colors from cream to white to green. Individual arms could grow long enough to require 'pruning'.

Feeding: Spaghetii Finger Leathers contain zooxanthellae (symbiotic algae) and are therefore photosynthetic. However, they will benefit from occasional feedings of plankton and baby brine shrimp.

Propagation: This leather is usually propagated by cutting off a piece of the coral and securing it to a piece of live rock with either a rubber band or a marine safe gel glue.

Comments: The pictures shown below show the rapid growth within several months in the nano reef.



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